Venessa Yeh

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Photo by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk on Unsplash

when it’s all over,
we will find that
within this darkness
we have bloomed
to reach our roots
deeper, intertwined
with each other
inspired by all of
our unique colors

learning and loving
forgiving and tasting
the freedom we gain
when we let go of
our hate
before we burn
our souls and our
heaven on earth

and we will remember
what we forgot —
that there is no I without you
no gold without the earth
no life without the death
of the ancient stars
bursting with color
and brilliant light
to create
this moment
for us to intertwine

and I hope that
when it’s all over,
we will have the wisdom
to listen
to seize with tender hands
this moment
which resounds with
the sacred rhythm of the tides
between the sea that is you
and the sea that is I. …

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

it happens unexpectedly.

it happens in my car,
the stoplight is red,
the sun is shining brightly
on the dust on my dashboard,
turning them into tiny stars.

it happens as I’m on my way
to the dentist
after work
on a Friday.

it happens after my mind
has been chewed up and spit out
by itself.

maybe it happens because
the world is burning
and I’m getting my third root canal.

maybe it happens because
it was the pain that made me quit inhaling nicotine
after seven years of saying I could stop

but it happens in solitude,
in holy silence. …


Venessa Yeh

Software engineer who accidentally minored in philosophy. Likes to write code and poetry.

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