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Venessa Yeh
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By the sea there lived a forest and beneath the leaves lived Miia, dark-haired and starry-eyed. Her mother, Eve, was humming softly as she washed the linen in a tub of filtered water from the river behind their house. Her father, Nolan, was cooking a hearty breakfast of homegrown chicken eggs, browned butter mushrooms from the garden, and fresh elderberry jam on toast.

Miia closed her eyes, sniffed the air, and smiled.

“Time to eat, Mr. K,” she said to the scruffy orange teddy bear in her arms. …

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A quick tutorial to help you get over common roadblocks

I will assume you already know what Jupyter Notebook is and that’s why you are here. The main purpose is to help you over the hurdle of getting it up and running. A lot of people installing Jupyter Notebook for the first time run into the following error:

Exception: Jupyter command `jupyter-notebook` not found.

In the following article, I will explain why this error occurs and offer you two solutions. As a Python developer, Jupyter Notebook is such a useful and efficient way to write and debug code. Don’t give up on it!

Hopefully, I can condense a few hours…

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the soft glow of the TV
porch light shining through the cracked blinds
messy, relaxed
1 am
I’m watching a Korean drama
Loc is asleep on the couch, his head on my lap
Kimchi moves to lay in between Loc’s belly and the couch
he grooms his own soft white belly
sitting upright like a human
Life is stressful, but bearable
Life is actually divinely blissful looking back —
what I would do to have one more night
of the mundane, ordinary, predictable life.

Thank you to Loc, the love of my life. I would not know how to get…

Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

Comparing AWS CLI and AWS PowerShell Tools for data migration

The AWS CLI and AWS PowerShell Tools are powerful open-source tools that allow you to interact with AWS services via your command-line shell.

Below I will provide links to the official documentation for each tool and the most basic commands you will need to get started. I will also include some possible roadblocks and solutions or workarounds when using these tools to upload files.

If you wish to know how they compare, please scroll to the last section of the article.

The goal is to provide a quick reference for anyone who is looking to install and use these tools…

Venessa Yeh

Software engineer who accidentally minored in philosophy. Likes to write code and poetry.

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